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Great Ocean Road and south SA – 2 April 2015

Finally, I left Melbourne. I spent 2 months in this city, unfortunatelly without any work. The job hunting experience was though and like I mentioned, without any result so far. So I was very glad I could leave this city and say goodbye.

The next journey is one I started with the German mate I met at the tomato farm in Sale/Yarram. During the trip, he decided to go back to Germany in June so we had to fit our journey in a short period. As an 18 yo, the student life awaits so when we arrive in Cairns, he will continue travelling towards Sydney and fly to New Zealand to travel on with our French roomies from Melbourne, while I search for a job to fund my future travels.
Before we leave Melbourne for real, we visited the Eureka Skydeck. The Skydeck is the highest viewing platform on the southern Hemisphere. It costed a lot ($19,50 per adult) but we got a discount as a student and an extra discount with the vouchers from my stupid MyKi card so we paid $13,50/pers. Unfortunatelly, the windows were sometimes very dark, which gave a false image of the city. However, the pictures and views were amazing and it was the perfect way to end our stay in Melbourne. After this, we went for diner in “Grilled” with our French roomies, and that’s the moment you realize how close we have become after living together for six weeks.

IMG_4029 IMG_4044 IMG_4071 IMG_4103 IMG_4115 IMG_4121 IMG_4142

The day after the Skydeck, we left the city. From Melbourne we drove to … Melbourne. Cause after 2 months, Lukas still had to see a few of the must-see spots in the city. The morning we said goodbye to our roommates and than we went to “The Shrine of Remembrance”. And we were lucky, cause it was the Greek National Holiday.

In the afternoon we drove to Westgate Park. That was an adventure on its own since there were road works all around the park making it very difficult to access the park. But we made it, after we first watched a karting race and a short stroll in the park. It might sound a little weird to visit a park in the city you want to leave ASAP but this is a special park. It has a pink lake. The algae and bacteria in the salt water causes the lake to turn pink in summer. And we were really lucky because it almost turned back to its normal colour.


The journey started in the afternoon when we drove to Geelong. Geelong is a city about 1 hour south of Melbourne and has an amazing view over Port Philip Bay. The beaches were much better than Melbourne. Due to a lack of time we only spent a few hours in Geelong, a bit sad cause it’s more relaxed than Melbourne but long enough to get a good impression. After this I would have loved to visit the Bellarine Peninsula with for example Queenscliff as a must see town, but unfortunatelly we didn’t go there.

IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4173 IMG_4185

We drove to Torquay, were we found out that sleeping in our car or camping was prohibited. So we drove back to Geelong to get some rest there. The day after our Great Ocean Road tour started for real. Torquar has some beautiful beaches but that’s it. Fair enough, so we continued to Anglesea where we we made a quick stop to visit the lighthouse and the amazing coastline.

IMG_4209 IMG_4221 IMG_4206 IMG_4200 IMG_4198 IMG_4185 IMG_4232 IMG_4222

Eventually we passed the GOR memorial not so far from Lorne. In Lorne we charged our batteries and other electronic devices and went to visit the waterfall and the lookout.


IMG_4248 IMG_4252 IMG_4254

The next stop finally made me happy. For the very first time (after 4,5 months) I saw a wild koala and another one. The great extra thing in Kennett River was that we could feed the birds like Crimson rosellas. We continued to Apollo Bay where we did some shopping but nothing else since it has not that much to offer. We decided to move on a little faster to see sunset at the 12 Apostles.

IMG_4269 IMG_4273 IMG_4296 IMG_4288

We drove trough Cape Otway NP and decided not to visit the world famous lighthouse at Cape Otway. Okay for this time because the “Twelve apostles” at sunset were astonishing. The day after we also visited the “London Bridge” and “The Grotto” and continued than to Warnambool, the end of the Great Ocean Road.

IMG_4300 IMG_4332 IMG_4311 IMG_4381 IMG_4402

Next town was Port Fairy, a photogenic town but nothing more. Than we drove a long time towards Mount Gambier, where we watched the bright blue lake. Although it was the changing season to a normal lake, we still could see a very blueish lake.This colour was caused by calcite in the volcanic layer under the lake which combined with heat created a colourshift. After Mt Gambier we continued our trip across the coastline towards Adelaide. Lukas was driving and chose the wrong route so we missed a Death Sea lookalike lake. No problem, in Kingston SE we sas a giant lobster 😀

IMG_4408 IMG_4427 IMG_4431 IMG_4454

The day after, we almost finished the first part of our tour. A stop in Mt Barker to shop and eat and than of to Hahndorf. Like I haven’t heard enough German already, I decided to visit a German town in Australia. It was fun and cosy and with lots of Bavarian people.

IMG_4457 IMG_4459 IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4465

These were the first 1000 km of a 6500 km long roadtrip. Hope you enjoyed it!

Already 6 weeks Melbourne2 March 2015

Yes indeed, I’ve already been in Melbourne for 1,5 months. 2 weeks in a hostel, 2 weeks in a car and 2 weeks in an apartment. And the last 4 weeks I spent with a German guy I met on a tomato farm in Sale. Unfortunately, that was the worst job I’ve ever done in my life. 50 cents per bucket making only $50 a day for very hard work. And you know, the minimum wage is like $15/h.
Well, the good thing is that I met the 2 German guys. And with one of them I spent the last 4 weeks.

Back In Melbourne after 2 days countryside and then the search for a decent job started. And to be honest, this was the worst period in my life. 4 weeks non-stop searching for a job with a 4 page CV consisting of variable jobs and experience. And still I’m unemployed. Here you either need experience or certificates like RSA, RSG, White Card, Police Check,… Or they ask a bond of $150, so no, I’m not paying to work. Another problem is the fucking MyKi card. Everyone told me that you need one to find work, so I bought one. $14 wasted cause that card costs $6 and the amount of $8 is pretty much the daily cost for PT.

An advantage of an apartment is that you live more private, peaceful and now I can cook even better 🙂 And yeah, mmmmmm. Oliebollen, Carbonade a la Flamande with fries, cake, brownies, jam, Indian, Korean, …. Delicious!

More? Well yeah, I improve my other languages as well. The girls are French, and the boy and girl are German. And English, no problem cause I speak it everyday. Well one problem is Dutch. It’s pretty difficult to change to Dutch when you speak always English. I don’t really care, cause I don’t really like Dutch 😉

Also a very fun thing, I can buy ICE. And fruit and veggies. 10kg tomatoes for $2, 7kg apricots for $5,..

No pictures this time. I can’t make pics of this city everyday, that’s boring. The next message will be after I worked (I hope) and earned money. The journey will continue to either Adelaide or New Zealand.

See ya soon


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